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Palermo Pizza Positions and Salary Info

Anyone looking for a fun, fast paced job should consider a career with Palermo Pizza.

The pizza restaurant looks for lively, passionate individuals to add spice to the team. Applicants typically need to meet the minimum age requirement of 16.


Employment opportunities exist in customer service & kitchen staff. Some common jobs featured at Palermo Pizza include:

Waiter – Waiters and waitresses create exceptional dining experiences for Palermo Pizza visitors. Primary duties include greeting guests, taking food and drink orders, bringing out meals, tallying bills, and handing out checks. When necessary, waiters need to assist in maintaining a clean and organized restaurant.


Palermo Pizza wants friendly, customer-focused individuals to fill waiter roles. Ideal candidates should possess a passion for food. Waiters typically earn between $8.00 and 18.00+ an hour . 


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